Coast Organisation is a Member of the APS Guarantee Fund (Travel Agency Guarantee) since 1994.
Association under the Act of 1 July 1901 - Organization of collective security provided by Book II of the Code of Tourism.

The "APS" guaranty :

In choosing a professional who is member of APS, you can be assured that he has taken all necessary precautions to guarantee the amounts which you prepaid for your Events. The APS Guaranty of Solidarity is subscribed by the professional member of APS and will not cost you anything.
Moreover, it gives the certitude to realize or continue the trip (or any event) and like this protects beyond the legal obligations. In case of financial failure, the APS Guaranty of Solidarity will take the place of the professional member of APS and the event can carry out as planned. If such a substitution is not possible, the paid amount will be fully refunded.
The APS Guaranty of Solidarity is in accordance to the law of 13 July 1992 and its application texts which fix the activity conditions concerning the organization and the selling of Events.

Further informations :

We also have a liability Insurance.Liability of the Organizers, guarantees up to 2 332 000 euros.
Liability: insured by MMA Pro Insurance : Contract n°116679508 A.

Our Account Manager :

Mrs Pascale Royon
Tel +33 4 93 82 39 02